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French Wing Chair Restyle & Reupholster

I was shopping at an estate sale the other day and the clouds parted, trumpets blared, and a light beamed down on this beautiful French wing chair.  Well, she wasn’t beautiful at the time, but I could see it clearly in my mind.  The frame and structure were in good shape so I didn’t need to make any repairs to that.  Reupholstering furniture is something I am  pretty much a novice at but I have learned with each piece I have done to just get in there, pull it all apart, and put it back in the same order.  Going slowly and taking lots of pictures as I was deconstructing were the keys to being able to put it all back together.


French Wing Chair Before

Once I got all of the old upholstery taken off, saving the old pieces for a pattern, I cleaned the frame and painted it with Amy Howard One Step paint in a custom mix of Bauhaus Buff and Linen.  After lightly distressing the frame, I waxed it with clear wax.

The front and seat cushion were covered with natural duck cloth.  I washed the fabric with hot water and dried on high heat a couple of times to make the fabric softer.  Duck cloth is economical, durable, and I like the nubby texture.  The back is finished with sagless burlap and I trimmed it all with  a double row of braided jute.  Both were ordered online.


French Wing Chair Front

French Wing Chair Front Details

French Wing Chair Tassle Detail

French Wing Chair Side View

French Wing Chair Side View 2

French Wing Chair Back

French Wing Chair Burlap Closeup

French Wing Chair Leg Details

Look at all the yummy details on the wood frame!  The carved tassels on the top corners of the wings and those pretty legs are fabulous.  And I also love the contrast of the burlap and the duck cloth.  The braided jute trim ties it all together.  It happens to be a pretty comfy chair too!  Oh, how I wish I had room for her in my house but sadly I do not!  She will be for sale in my space at The Painted Sofa in the Historic West Bottoms of Kansas City.


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